3 Interesting Things About The Australian Netball Diamonds

3 Interesting Things About The Australian Netball Diamonds

When you talk about netball in Australia, the first thing that comes to mind is no other than the national team, the Australian Netball Diamonds.

The Diamonds are considered one of the most elite and celebrated sports team in the country.

They’re also, hands down, the most multi-awarded team in international netball. It doesn’t hurt their popularity either that the team is composed of highly disciplined achievers and youth role models. You only have to witness the Diamonds’ energy, commitment and presence in and out of the court to understand what true girl power is all about.

Whether you’ve been playing netball all your life or have just recently discovered this wonderful social sport, following the Australian Netball Diamonds will definitely inspire you and give you practical moves and insights to improve your game. To know more about this winning team, here are some interesting stories and updates about them:

They earned their name. Australian Netball’s first recorded match was in 1926, held in Sydney. They proceeded to win and host world championships since then. But it was only in 2008, the year when the ANZ Championship was inaugurated as the premier netball league in New Zealand and Australia, that the team acquired the official name “Australian Netball Diamonds.” Currently, they’re also branded as “Samsung Australian Diamonds,” to reflect the sponsorship provided by the electronic giant, the national team’s official naming rights partner.

Diamonds form the core team of Australia Fast5. Diamonds form half of the team chosen to represent Australia at the Fast5 Netball World Series. Five squad members of the national netball team, namely Kate Moloney, Paige Hadley, Gretel Tippett, Tegan Philip and Ash Brazill, join forces with other selected superstar netball athletes from all over the country to compete in the Fast5 Netball World Series. The motto of the Diamonds is “’Sisters in Arms,” reflecting their aim to always balance each other out and be a team of leaders.

Their fiercest rival is New Zealand’s team. Out of the 13 World Netball Championships, Australia has won 10. They’ve also won in at least three Commonwealth Games events. Despite this stellar record, netball fans still feel jittery when the Diamonds play against New Zealand’s Silver Ferns, especially during the annual Constellation Cup. In fact, one of the most emotional moments in recent netball history is when Australia suffered a devastating loss against NZ in the September 2017 Quad Series game, only to deliver a payback win in the Constellation Cup the following month. The Guardian describes this Diamonds’ calculated and composed strategy as a move that placed “the netball world back on its axis.”

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