7 Convincing Reasons for Joining Social Netball Clubs

7 Convincing Reasons for Joining Social Netball Clubs

Are you interested in playing social netball? If so, then it really makes sense for you to join a social netball club. In case something is holding you back from taking the plunge and making that commitment, here are some reasons that aim to convince those who may need a little more persuasion:

1. Training with a team and under a coach – Social netball clubs typically place their members in teams so they can train and play together, getting the full advantage of coaching as their performance is evaluated and improved.

2. Great value for money – Club membership is usually quite nominal. For this relatively minimal amount, you get a slew of benefits including matches, coaching, friendships, exercise, etc. Compare the fee with that of a gym membership and you’ll realise its tremendous value.

3. Effective socialisation – Your social calendar will not only get busier to include training and matches, but also post-tournament or post-season sessions, holiday parties, and casual get-togethers. For instance, it’s typical for members to congregate at a pub after a sweaty run on court for some post-match grub, drink, and banter. If you have an ulterior motive and want to network, social netball clubs are great for that, too. At the end of the day, you belong to a squad, and they say there are no better mates than teammates, so enjoy the relationships you build as a club member.

4. Health and fitness boost – Joining a social netball club means that you get to play regularly. Playing frequently, in turn, means that you are more active. To support your active lifestyle and to perform well in games, you’ll also be driven to take care of yourself better. The best part about this health and fitness improvement is that you get to do all that exercise while having a blast.

5. Non-guilty indulgence – You could also go the other way. The next time you convene with your team mates after a game on the netball courts of Riverside Golf and Tennis Centre, feel free to order a hearty meal. Knowing that you’re keeping active, so you can afford to indulge yourself more. With all the calories you’re burning from training and playing, you won’t feel guilty about eating bigger portions and maybe ordering that pudding, too, while you’re at it.

6. Cute uniform – As far as match outfits go, netballers have one of the prettiest in the field of sports. Male players probably don’t care about that and you certainly don’t have to wear the standard kit to play social netball, but it could also be the argument to convince you. Clubs usually spend time designing their kits, and there are netball players out there who will admit to choosing a club based on how nice its kit is.

7. Something to care about – It feels good to belong to a group, to have people with whom you share a common interest and a common goal. There will be much to look forward to. There is a purpose to work for and achieve. There is a family to care about beyond your kin.

Do you feel inspired yet? Check out the opportunities for more seriously involving yourself in netball now.