Choosing Team Building Exercises: The One Activity That Guarantees Success

Choosing Team Building Exercises: The One Activity That Guarantees Success

Every successful organisation is built on an efficient and high-functioning team — one that performs with uniformity, unity, and consistency. As such, businesses and other groups pursue the development of such teams that will propel the organisation forward. And team building exercises form an integral part of this goal.

One of the more recommended exercises is netball. Why sports — why netball?

Nothing promotes that healthy competitive spirit, that drive to reach a “goal” quite like letting your team play sports. And with group-based sports like netball, it enhances that spirit and drives further desire to achieve a goal, on and off the court.

Netball is a contact ball sport that is played in over 80 countries by a growing number of people, beyond 20 million — and counting. The sport pitches two teams, with seven players each. Games are played on a rectangular court that features raised goal rings on both ends. These games can be arranged outdoors or indoors.

This very popular and very engaging sport, which you can participate in at Melbourne Social Netball, makes for an ideal team building exercise because men and women can be in the same team, as in mixed netball. Your organisation could decide to arrange a men’s team and a women’s team but mixed netball might create a more dynamic group.

The plays for mixed netball are generally more exciting to watch because they can be so unpredictable. The people who are watching the games can encourage teams even more by cheering them on and by acknowledging their outstanding plays.

Netball is not just a physical game, requiring each member of your team to be agile, strong, and fast. But it is also, at its core, a very strategic game. Success on the court is determined by how well a team works together to make that goal. And everyone will need to pull his or her weight, building upon each one’s unique strengths and capabilities, and eventually contribute to the team winning the game.

You could liken the process to how a team might work together to win a proposal for the company, to implement a new plan, or to finish a project that would put the organisation as a top contender in its industry.

Lastly, netball works brilliantly to improve or enhance teams in every organisation because the activity is such fun. What would a team building exercise be without the element of fun?

Physical. Mental. Engaging. Challenging. Strategic. Enjoyable. What more could you ask for from a team building exercise? Netball has it all. So organise your teams for a game today.