Do You Want To Play Netball In Richmond?

Do You Want To Play Netball In Richmond?

Richmond is a Melbourne suburb that places quite a bit of importance in sports, as is evident in the existence of the Richmond Football Club and the Richmond Harriers Athletic Club. You don’t have to be a serious athlete, however, to be active in sports. You can do it for fitness, for fun, and even just for mixing and mingling. Sports, after all, do serve a purpose beyond sating the competitive spirit. If you’re in Richmond and would like to involve yourself in a sport, a good recommendation for you would be social netball.

What makes it worth your while to play netball in Richmond? To answer this, let’s discuss the very nature of netball. You have two teams with seven players on court each, and a ball that they’re trying to shoot into the hoop while defending their own goals – it has all the elements of an engaging and fast-paced contact sport.

Netball used to be a more common game for the ladies, but it has become popular among males, too. Literally, people of all ages and genders can play. For the men, the game gives them the opportunity to hone skills that are usually not touched on in sports that they typically play among themselves.

It takes skill and dedication to play netball really well, but the advantage for those who want to play netball in Richmond is that they can do it by joining casual competitions run by Melbourne Social Netball. They don’t need to be particularly good, although playing frequently will certainly improve their game. There’s also no need to train, although, of course, if a participating team wants to, it’s certainly free to do so.

Melbourne Social Netball has been a huge factor in rousing enthusiasm for the game. It has made playing netball so easy for anyone who’s interested. If you don’t belong to a team and wish to play, you only need to sign up and the organisation will find a way for you to play. For many players, the games are a welcome break in their weekly routine. They simply show up at a game venue like the netball courts of Riverside Golf and Tennis Centre, and they get the opportunity to play in a thrilling match, meet old and new friends, and maybe even hang out afterwards to continue bonding.

Richmond folks are fortunate to have social netball games easily available to them, whether they want to play themselves or simply watch. But why watch when they can play? The real fun is in participating.