Experience A Different Girls’ Night Out: Try The Netball Competitions Melbourne Courts Offer

Experience A Different Girls’ Night Out: Try The Netball Competitions Melbourne Courts Offer

You and your childhood friends have made it a habit to get together every few weeks to catch up, try different activities, and strengthen the bond you all share. It’s something you look forward to, and value greatly. After all, these are your best girls — the friends who were with you in good times and bad, as you grew up and discovered more and more about life. Staying connected and rekindling the friendship is, and will always be, a treasured part of your life.


Try something new

Of course, it’s easy to simply book a restaurant and share a meal and drinks while swapping stories at the end of a busy week, or meeting for a pampering session at the spa or nail salon as you catch up. But for the next weeknight get-together, why not consider something new? Being active together is a healthy and exciting way to spend time with friends. And in Australia, there are some highly social sporting events that you can all enjoy together, the most recommended of which would be the netball competitions Melbourne venues offer.


Are you ready to play?

Melbourne Social Netball offers safely run mixed and ladies’ netball competitions that are perfect for businesses looking to promote camaraderie through a group off-site activity, individuals looking to join a team to try the sport out, and groups planning to try an athletic activity and meet other like-minded teams.


Bonding over exercise

You and your best pals are sure to have fun engaging in this activity, even if it’s your first time. Of course, if your goal is to turn your girls’ nights out into opportunities to sneak in some much-needed exercise as you bond (all the years of dining in restaurants and hanging out over coffee and desserts can surely have an impact on your waistline), you could also try running in the park or going for a swim.


But there’s something about playing an organised sport, as part of a team, that will definitely kick your enthusiasm and your friendly competitive spirit into high gear. In netball, you’ll be working together toward a common goal, against another team. It’s a great way to practise some physical skills, test your abilities, and discover how well you and your buddies play together. And of course, there’s no stopping all the joking and laughing while you play, so the game is sure to be a very memorable one for all of you.


Whether it’s your first time to step into a netball court, or your energetic bunch is gearing to settle the score with another group of friends, Melbourne Social Netball has the competitions for you. Where else can you get your blood pumped up, laugh heartily with friends, and end another night on a high note, but in Melbourne’s most notable netball venues?