Footscray Netball For Beginners – A Fun And Convenient Way For Melbourne’s New Residents To Make Friends

Footscray Netball For Beginners – A Fun And Convenient Way For Melbourne’s New Residents To Make Friends

Being the new kid in town can be a stressful situation. Perhaps you’ve moved into one of Melbourne’s suburbs to take advantage of a lucrative job post. However, being away from your usual network of support — your friends and family — can take a toll on your emotions and confidence. It can be tempting to spend countless hours on your favourite social network, counting all the social events you’re going to miss because you’re away from your social circle, or to simply curl up on the couch after work, watching reruns of your favourite TV series after coming home from work.

However, moving to a new location to live and work provides ample opportunities to reinvent yourself. Away from your comfort zone, you do not have to live under the shadow of the image other people have made for you. Overhaul your style. Try new dishes. Engage in new sports or activities like Footscray netball for beginners.

Enjoyed by over 20 million enthusiasts from around the globe, netball is a fast-paced sport with a devoted following in Melbourne. And although the sport has undergone several changes and the level of play has become more competitive, netball is not just another sport wherein the jocks dominate.

The emphasis of Melbourne Social Netball has always been on developing an active, friendly and social community of like-minded individuals. Even if you have no prior experience playing the game, you’ll be amazed at how supportive other players and the umpires are in helping you learn the ropes. Plus, our website offers valuable resources that will help you familiarise yourself with the rules of netball.

Because of the social nature of the competition, players are not officially graded. If you’re a newbie, you won’t find yourself out of your depth as you get to play alongside with seasoned players and other rookies like you. Plus, all of Melbourne Social Netball’s umpires have been carefully selected and trained to look out for beginners and their safety while playing indoors or outdoors.

Games are played every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights at five Inner Melbourne venues. For new residents of Melbourne, the best way to get started is to join the Team Building Teams or TBT which eliminates the hassle of forming your own team to compete with. With TBT, you’ll be placed in a social netball team comprised of individuals like you. It’s a great way to introduce yourself to people and make new friends in your community.