Fun Netball Games In Ascot Vale

Fun Netball Games In Ascot Vale

Many of the people who want to escape the hustle and bustle of Melbourne in search of a quiet version of the good life find themselves in Ascot Vale. It used to be a haven for horse racers, but others have now discovered the inner urban living appeal of this chic suburb. It’s the perfect place to raise kids, but its pretty parks, tree-lined avenues, and charming river speak as well to single professionals, young couples, and even retirees.

Ascot Vale’s proximity to the city, its easy public transport access, and the trendy shopping strip that is Union Road are all features that draw people to this place, but among its greatest assets are the friendly locals. It has been labelled a family suburb with plenty of action. Ascot Vale certainly isn’t lacking when it comes to options for recreation. Sports are definitely a big thing among the residents, considering the nine-hole golf course in the area, and the presence of the Melbourne Aces of the Australian Baseball League.

For those who simply want to stay fit and participate in an engaging pastime, there are also plenty of sports-related venues such as the Ascot Vale Leisure Centre and the Riverside Golf and Tennis Centre. Netball, in particular, is a popular game among the locals, something that is evident in the abundance of netball courts in the area. Netball enthusiasts, both young and old, may form teams and join local leagues. For instance, Melbourne Social Netball runs competitions among a wide collection of teams in the area, holding mixed and ladies’ games for those 18 and above. Those looking to play in fun netball games in Ascot Vale should sign up with the organisation, either as a team or as individual players.

Netball in Ascot Vale is simply another means for nurturing the community spirit. Through friendly competition, ties are made and bonds grow stronger. What better way to connect with other aficionados in the area than by participating in fun netball games in Ascot Vale?

 Players get both the physical exercise and the social contact they need.

Life in Ascot Vale tends to be better-rounded, as what is common in many small towns and suburbs. Events tend to be a bigger deal and everybody is encouraged to participate. The opportunity to entrench oneself and sink roots deeply is there. Apparently, an effective way to do so is to regularly play a fun game of netball.