Are you interested in playing netball for fun and socialisation? Schools offer netball programs, while netball clubs usually engage in competitions and regularly have practice games. But what if you’re no longer in school and have no time to commit to a club membership? If you want to play for the sake of playing, and perhaps accomplish physical fitness and socialisation at the same, you need to find an organisation that will allow you to participate without all the usual requirements of official clubs and leagues. Fortunately, Avondale Heights netball enthusiasts have another avenue for active participation: Melbourne Social Netball.

If you want to join in fun netball games in Avondale Heights, you can get recruited by a team, form one of your own, or simply sign up with Melbourne Social Netball as an individual player. Playing in competitions run by the organisation is definitely an engaging form of recreation, but if you need to sate the competitive spirit, it can certainly do that too. The emphasis, however, is on the social aspect of the game. There are traditional ladies games and mixed games. People show up to have fun, get physically active and connect with other players. Game venues are usually close to dining or drinking establishments as in the case of the Riverside Golf & Tennis Centre so people can continue to mingle after the games.

Participation in social netball is ideal for those who don’t have a lot of time to dedicate to the sport and for those who are not the most obvious people to pick to play. The usual rigorous training and game prep of pro, semi-pro or varsity teams are pretty much unheard of. University students, professionals, parents, recovering couch potatoes… Players in teams participating in Melbourne Social Netball games vary in their playing skills and experiences, but everybody gets the chance to play, get better at the game and be part of an enthusiastic community. Basically, it’s really all about getting to play fun netball games in Avondale Heights.

Think about it. You get all the benefits of playing a sport without all the usual hassles. Such a setup is a win in every angle. Of course, the commitment varies per team. Some do take the time to train, and that’s okay; however, if you can’t do much more than show up a couple of nights a week to play a fun game, that’s also completely fine.

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