MSN App: This is the main way we communicate with our current players and where you can find your Fixtures, Ladders, Game Player Form, Weather & Insurance Policies and Important Notifications all in one place. All players need to download the app.

Links to download:

Player Game Form, Team Registration Sheet and Additional Players

  1. Any player taking the court with a team, must complete (once only) the Player Game Form via our App before playing their first game (this includes any additional players for the season).
  2. The Team Registration Sheet (hard copy) occurs weekly BEFORE the game. All players’ names must be recorded to qualify players for finals.

Scoring: It is recommended teams provide a scorer: If not umpires will flip the score cards or they will ask the GS to complete each quarter.

Fill in players – Need a player?

  • Use our Fill-In button on our App to help you find a player at short notice. A scheduled 12.30 daily post is available to all teams and Fill-in players to exchange info across the day.

Season Length: MSN seasons runs various fixture lengths eg normally 12 or 18 rounds with 2 rounds of finals, unless otherwise noted on the specific venue page.

Game Times: Standard game duration is 40 minutes. All teams must be available to play all time slots at set venues. Check the start times via the venue icons on the left of this page.

Re-grading at redraw: Across the first 3 games (if required). Re-fixture at round 4 in each season for late team application however we always try to accommodate any late application. From time to time we will conduct a mid season assessment of the grading to ensure it is correct.

Mixed Team Ratio: A full mixed team requires no less than 1 male identifying player and no more than 3 male identifying players on the court at any one time. No more than 6 female identifying players can be on the court during any game.

  • Each male identifying player must cover one of the following positions to remain spread across all 3 thirds. One for GS/GA One for GK/GD One for WD/C/WA.
  • Many teams have 4 male identifying players who alternate each quarter amongst themselves.
  • You can take the court with 5 players; a min of 1 male identifying player.

Netball Bibs & Balls: All teams are required to own a set of bibs and a ball. However, we will provide a ball if needed and bibs can be hired for $20 or purchased for only $45!

Uniforms: Click Here For Uniforms

Weather Procedure: Click Here For Weather Procedure

Finals: Click Here for Final Details

MSN Terms and Conditions; Click Here For Our T&C’s

Insurance: Click Here For Insurance



Need to get a set of bibs or some tape for the season?

Check out our page to see what’s available and how to make payment. You can collect from the venue on your night of play.


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