Game Preparation In Keilor – Netball Training Ideas

Game Preparation In Keilor – Netball Training Ideas

Netball is a really popular sport in the Melbourne suburbs. The area has so many teams and clubs, involving people of all ages and genders. There are those who play professionally, semi-professionally or for varsity, and there are those who play regularly simply for fitness, socialisation and general love of the game.

If you’re an adult netball player in Keilor, you’re probably in a team that participates in competitions run by Melbourne Social Netball. It safely and efficiently facilitates game seasons, welcoming both ladies and mixed teams of players 18 years old and above. The emphasis is on the social aspect, although the usual playing skills and competitive spirit are present as well.

For the most part, teams are made up of players whose concentration is on other things, such as school, work, vocation, family, etc. Training is usually forgone, which is fine since the main point is to have fun and socialise while playing a game they love. Players need only show up at game venues such as the Riverside Golf & Tennis Centre and be ready to play.

Of course, the general bonhomie only goes so far. Everybody wants a legitimate game wherein they get challenged. The players also care about improving their skills and not getting trounced by the opposing team, so even if they don’t have to, many teams still try to put in time for training, even if it’s only right before a game.

If you’re the coach or a leader of a social netball team in Keilor, netball training ideas will certainly come in handy. The following are some good ideas for training drills:

  1. Shooting – Remember BEEF (balance, eyes, elbow and follow through). Get players to work on their shooting skills by teaching them to keep their feet shoulder width apart and pointing to the post, to imagine a witch’s hat atop the ring and aiming for the hat’s point, to shoot with their arms extended close to the ear and elbows facing the ring, and to flick the wrist as they release the ball.
  2. Passing and Catching – Start with bean bags. Have the players gather in a circle, passing the bean bag to their right, and then switching to the left, all the while throwing at chest height. Once they’re good at catching and passing bean bags, graduate to an actual ball. Start with shorter distances for accuracy before moving on to longer distances to develop strength.
  3. Basic movement – This is a basic military drill. Have the players stand in a line and get them to do the movement instruction you call out (run left, run right, run forward, run backward, jump, touch the ground, etc.)
  4. Defending the ball – Do the “shadow defending drill” with two players facing each other, one making the moves and the other, copying. Once they’re used to this, get them to continue but with the one copying standing in front of the other, both of them facing the same direction. This is about using peripheral vision to defend position and monitor the movement of the opposing player.

Serious about netball in Keilor? Netball training ideas are available in many resources. Have fun with your team applying the ones that are most effective and engaging.