Have Fun Getting Fit: Join Netball Team Near St Kilda

Have Fun Getting Fit: Join Netball Team Near St Kilda

If your goal is to become more physically active and, in turn, get into better shape, your first thought may be to take up running, to pop a workout DVD at home, or to head out to your local gym and make the rounds of the different equipment available.

These activities would surely help you get much closer to your fitness goals if you stick to your routine. More importantly, these types of activities would help you get the job done quickly, so you can tick it off your day’s to-do list. After all, going for a run in the morning, working out with free weights in your living room during the weekends, or hopping onto the treadmills or stationary bikes at the gym after work means that you’re squeezing these activities into the little pockets of free time you have throughout the day.

So more often than not, it can be hard to find enjoyment in these fitness routines, or even to strike up a conversation with someone new, because you’re pressed for time and just eager to get the workout over and done with.

Fun should still be in the equation

The downside of these fitness routines is that you don’t get to have fun while you work to get in shape. You’re more focused on logging in the miles, or counting your reps. You may not have the opportunity to engage in conversation with someone else or to get your mind and body challenged because you just go through the same motions during each session.

Are you raring for a change — for a fun experience while being physically active? If so, then you should consider switching over to an activity that is more structured, and that comes with opportunities to socialise with other people looking for these same experiences. And that would be a game of netball at Melbourne Social Netball.

A team sport that you can be passionate about

When you join netball team near St Kilda and near Melbourne Social Netball, you sign up as an individual and work with your teammates to achieve a common goal. The sport calls for players to utilise a number of different skills and strategies, so not only does your body get its much-needed workout, but your mind gets challenged to beat the opposing team’s moves as well.

Joining a team of fellow netball enthusiasts opens a door to new friendships and beneficial socialization, too — something that you may not always find when you work out alone. And because you participate in the sport in top-notch netball venues, with trained umpires and staff seeing to it that everyone gets to play a safe, accident-free game, your enjoyment in the experience of playing netball increases, and you can easily develop a passion for this engaging and highly sociable physical activity.

Melbourne Social Netball has been organising netball seasons since 1996, so you know you’re in good hands when you sign up for social mixed or ladies netball competitions in any of their highly recommended venues. It’s your best bet for a more enriching and truly rewarding social and physical experience that you can engage in for the long term.