How Individual Netball Players Get to Play

How Individual Netball Players Get to Play

Are you new in the Melbourne area and looking to start playing netball? Are you thinking of getting into the game for the first time or simply reviving a lapsed interest in it? Netball, as you know, is a team sport, so you can’t really just start playing whenever the fancy strikes. First, you need people to play with, and then you’ll need people to play against.

You can’t just sit back waiting for teams to ask you to join them. If you want to play, you need to take the right steps toward actively participating in games; however, it’s very likely that you wouldn’t have an easy time finding six other people to play with, let alone six others whose schedules coincide with yours so you can all play together on the same nights. Fortunately, Melbourne Social Netball has made provisions to accommodate those who are in situations like yours, or similar to yours.

Are you without a team but wanting to start playing netball as soon as possible? You can simply sign up with Melbourne Social Netball as an individual netball player and you can be placed in one of the teams that participate in the tournaments. You can even apply with your friends, but only if there are fewer than five of you. Any more than that, and you will be registered as a team.

The organisation created Team Building Teams (TBT) especially for individual netball players so that they can apply and be placed in a team. Oftentimes, these teams are made up of individuals, like yourself, who have not been able to gather with enough players to comprise a complete team. These teams can be all ladies or mixed, made up of newbies or long-time players, etc. These teams are coached by game umpires who can help them play strategically.

When you apply as an individual player, you can choose the venue and the night that work for you as well as the team you want to play with. Also, in the time that you are waiting for your team to get started playing, you can play as a fill-in for free. To let other teams’ know of your availability, “like” Melbourne Netball’s Facebook page and regularly post your details there. The other players will respond in kind.

Soon, you’ll find yourself playing on the netball courts of popular game venues such as the Riverside Golf and Tennis Centre. So get started with your application now.