How Long is a Netball Game?

How Long is a Netball Game?

So much has been said about the rule amendments implemented by the International Netball Federation (INF) for the standard netball game and how the most noticeable change is how fast the game is played.

Does this mean that the game will conclude faster and the excitement will be compromised? How long is a netball game now?

Well, a standard netball game will have to abide by the rules created by the INF wherein there are four quarters that run for 15 minutes. There’s an interval of 4 minutes between the first- second, and the third- fourth quarters. As for the transition from the first half to the second half of the game, 12 minutes are assigned though it can just be as short as 8 minutes if the event organiser and the teams are for it.

The playing duration is maintained at 15 minutes except when a penalty pass is awarded before the timekeeper signals the end of play. An extension may also happen when umpires acknowledge an emergency situation. And the last thing that can extend play duration is when there’s a tie at full-time. After an interval of 4 minutes at the end of full-time, extra time will be granted, which consists of two halves that will last for 7 minutes each. There’s a minute interval at halftime for extra time.

All in all, if there’ll be no extension to the game, the whole thing is expected to last for one hour and twenty minutes (may be less if the event organiser and the teams choose to shorten the halftime interval to just eight minutes).

Basically, the full duration of the game is not expected to compromise the level of excitement that can be derived from it. It may actually be more enjoyable now due to the faster pace and the fact that injury time-outs, with the new rules, are only for 30 seconds – meaning no more delay tactics for the creation of game strategies for teams.

However, for amateur matches, the length of the game can be altered. These games tend to follow their own structure – this depends on the preferences agreed upon by the teams playing and the event organiser.

In some netball clubs, game “quarters” can be sliced down from 15 minutes down to 10 minutes. There are also those that divide the game into just two parts but they last longer than 15 minutes. Expect modifications with the game duration when you visit certain netball clubs. As for Melbourne Social Netball, the standard rules are usually honoured and they’re easier to follow especially with the rulebook serving as a guide.

To learn more about the new rules that have changed the pace of the game, you may want to visit Melbourne Social Netball in all its venues – Riverside Golf and Tennis Centre, Richmond Recreation Centre, Ryan’s Reserve, Flagstaff Gardens and Melbourne High School. Matches are lined up for the new season and first game is already set for April 10th.