How Many Players on a Netball Team Should There Be?

How Many Players on a Netball Team Should There Be?

Netball is one of the most exciting sports to watch because it makes use of a lot of skills that are not required for other sports. It’s also faster paced than other games, which a lot of sports fans actually prefer.

In 2016, the International Netball Federation revamped the rules of the game and the changes the federation implemented have made the game better streamlined, but also more exciting. While the new netball rules got rid of a popular game tactic (the “defensive lift”), audiences find the improved fluidity of the game enough to make up for the loss.

Another change that earned much attention from long-time fans is how from 12 players, a netball team now should only have 10, and on the court, there should be seven players. So, how many players on a netball team should there be for a game that follows the new rules? Ten per team and seven players on court — basically, fewer bench players.

The seven players on the court will play the following positions:

  • 1)Goal shooter – The player who scores the goals and works inside the circle with the goal attack.
  • 2)Goal attack – The one who feeds and works with the shooter for goals.
  • 3)Wing attack – The player who provides shooting opportunities to all the circle players.
  • 4)Centre – The one who takes the centre pass and links the defence and goal attack and goal defence.
  • 5)Wing defence – The one who intercepts and prevents the wing attack from feeding the circle.
  • 6)Goal defence – The player who wins the ball and prevents the goal attack from shooting goals.
  • 7)Goal keeper – This one works with the goal defence in order to keep the goal attack and goal shooter from scoring.

The change in the actual number of players per team goes really well with the fact that injury timeouts have been reduced from two minutes to 30 seconds. With fewer bench players to substitute for injured players, decision-making can be done much faster. It’s worth noting as well that having fewer members in a netball team can increase the actual participation of bench players in the game.

If you wish to witness how the new rules have changed the game, the new season’s about to start for Melbourne netball teams. Keep an eye out for game nights at the Riverside Golf and Tennis Centre, Melbourne High School, Richmond Recreation Centre, Flagstaff Gardens, and Ryan’s Reserve.