Netball is a huge sport in Airport West and other surrounding Melbourne suburbs. If you’re new to the area and are passionate about netball or have lived there a long time but have only recently developed an interest in the sport, you can explore the different options available for you to be involved. If you’re wondering how to join a netball team in Airport West, try the following suggestions:

  • Keep an eye out for ads or an ear open for word of mouth regarding teams looking for players. You can go online and Google a suitable key phrase or simply ask around. If a team needs players, it will actively seek out applicants; after all, it wouldn’t be able to play with unfilled positions.
  • Put in a request to join. You could go the other way as well and advertise your availability to join a team. If you know of a local forum, join up and let your intent be known. Most of the time, netball players’ message boards already have an ongoing related thread, so you could just post your request there. If you can’t find the right venue online, you could approach a league and let them know that you would like to join a team. The league will let participating teams know to see if there are any takers.
  • Join a club. Considering how popular netball is, you’re sure to find at least one netball club in the area. Work on obtaining a membership. There are usually several teams in a club, and you would soon find yourself placed in one.
  • Join a netball class or program. If a local school or sports centre offers a netball class or training program, join up even if you already know the ins and outs of the game. This will be a great way to network and find people to play with.
  • Put a team together. If you can find enough people to comprise a team, what’s to stop you from simply creating a new team? This way, you’ll have control over the nature of your team (if you’re casual or cutthroat, etc.), its name, its colours, its participation, etc.
  • Sign up with Melbourne Social Netball. If you want to play netball and have no access to an existing team, just sign up with this organisation as an individual player and it’ll take care of placing you in a team. It’s a fun community of enthusiastic netball players and places a lot of importance to the social aspect of the game. Many of its games are held at the Riverside Golf & Tennis Centre, so if you’re the type to hang out after a game, you can head on to the nearby bar and restaurant with your new mates.

It’s important to know how to join a netball team in Airport West if you want to start playing as soon as possible. To go for the sure thing, get in touch with Melbourne Social Netball and you’ll be playing regularly before long.

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