How To Join A Netball Team In Keilor – A Few Simple Steps To Follow

How To Join A Netball Team In Keilor – A Few Simple Steps To Follow

You’ve probably overheard some of your office mates raving about how they dominated a competing team in a netball game last night, and it piqued your interest.

Enjoyed by more than 20 million players around the globe, netball is a fun way to meet new people and to exercise. If you’ve been on the lookout for a sport to help keep yourself in good shape or you want to broaden your social network, playing netball offers these benefits and more.

One of the best ways to make your foray into playing netball is to put together a team. However, because of other people’s commitments at home and at work, sometimes it may be difficult to organise a team by yourself. Here at Melbourne Social Netball, we help individuals keen on playing netball to get started. Here’s how to join a netball team in Keilor.

First, choose a venue that is accessible to you, coming either from home or work. Then, choose the night you wish to play. Matches are held at five Inner Melbourne venues, with indoor and outdoor courts available, on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights. You can play in multiple teams and venues on different nights if you wish.

From there, take note of the team names and choose from Ladies or Mixed combinations. Upon making your choice, it is advisable to write down the details of your preference so you won’t forget anything. Afterwards, pay the $140 fee by clicking on the PayPal button.

After payment, download your receipt from PayPal. You will then need to complete a registration form in the Melbourne Netball page where you will redirected after payment. Upon completion of the registration form, upload your receipt from PayPal and fill in the fields in the next form. Take note that unless the team that you intended to join cannot be formed due to lack of players, your payment will not be refunded.

Once a team has six or more players, it is placed in the fixture before the season begins. If the team has five or less players, it will be fixtured into round four. We do our best to locate other players to complete a team before round four. Although we operate on a first come, first serve basis, we highly encourage players to enlist their friends to join their teams. Do take note that there is a strong chance that you might not be playing alongside your pals and we do not change this.