How to Join South Yarra Netball Teams

How to Join South Yarra Netball Teams

One of the wealthier and oldest suburbs in Melbourne, South Yarra is an excellent location for work and for play. And today’s most wanted and most engaging sport to play happens to be netball.

Netball has taken Melbourne by storm. It is not uncommon to be in one neighbourhood and not hear of a ladies’ team or mixed team heading out to the local centre to practise and play a game. The sport’s popularity just makes sense by virtue of the fact that netball players are some of the fittest and friendliest people you will ever meet.

Whether you have been in this suburb for a long time or have just relocated from another state, it’s understandable that you would want to join South Yarra netball teams. The question is, how do you join one?

Start with safety — as the old cliché goes: Safety first. Netball might not conjure up images of extreme sports but accidents will happen on the court, be it indoors or outdoors. Melbourne Social Netball, which has been established since 1996, has years of experience, and thus, gained expertise in facilitating the safest games in the capital city of Victoria. In fact, the organisation holds the lowest accident rate in the state.

Part of Melbourne Netball’s success in keeping games safe for all is that it trains umpires in sport psychology to gauge the needs of players. They also make sure that each venue is top-notch, ensuring injuries are kept to a minimum, if not down to zero.

Aside from all of those considerations, try to go with teams that might be in your comfort zone. Indeed, joining a netball team in South Yarra is meant to help you gain more connections, new friendships. Still, if you are not too comfortable socialising with new people, find teams that will match your preference. For instance, if you want to just hang out with girls, join a ladies’ netball team.

Another way to join a South Yarra netball team would be to encourage friends or office workers who will go and sign up with you. This is a good way to get into the sport and the community without the “dreaded” scare of going into it alone.

Playing netball in South Yarra offers plenty of opportunities for having fun, in a totally exhilarating way, for meeting new people (even business contacts), and for exploring great new places in the suburb. Make sure you have joined the right team, and you will fully enjoy all the benefits that netball has to offer.