How To Play Netball When You Can’t Get A Team Together

How To Play Netball When You Can’t Get A Team Together

It is a fast-paced contact sport that requires strategy, agility, speed and, more importantly, teamwork. This is the world of netball. It is both challenging and fun — and it has become an increasingly popular sport among men and women, of any age. And you’re looking to play the game. What is stopping you?

It is not at all unusual to run into difficulties trying to find six other people (netball teams are made up of seven players) to join you and play against another team. Your friends or co-workers may be too busy or have such varying schedules that arranging a game may be a bit of a challenge. Melbourne Social Netball recognises this issue and offers this answer to how to play netball when you can’t create your own team.

Melbourne Social Netball has organised the Team Building Teams or TBT. TBTs are ladies and mixed teams that help individual players, like you, to apply and be placed in one social netball team. You can apply on your own or with other friends (but fewer than five) so you can play each week and hone your skills as a player, or just to release some of that pent-up tension at work.

Players who are new to the game are welcome to join as well as veteran players. Your level of skill does not matter with Melbourne Social Netball; what matters most is that you get to join a social netball team, are able to play, and meet new friends.

New players should familiarise themselves with how the game is played and to know all the rules. Netball is played on a rectangle court, which could be outdoors or indoors, that is divided into thirds. Only seven players are allowed on court, while substitutes wait on the sidelines. Players are confined to each space, according to their position, and no one player can move across the entire court. In a nutshell, the aim of netball is to get the ball to the other side of the court.

When signing up for the organisation’s TBT programme, make a note of the instructions for application. You can choose the venue and nights you want to play, as well as decide whether you want to join the ladies or the mixed team.

Melbourne Social Netball has been organising netball games across the capital city of Victoria since 1996. You not only get to sign up your own team and join a team as an individual player, but Melbourne Social Netball also helps you become an umpire. Indeed, it is the go-to organisation for furthering your passion for netball. So come and check it out.