You know how there are sports that can only be played during a particular season due to the limitations that weather imposes on them? Well, that is never an issue with indoor netball in Avondale Heights, because the Avondale Heights Recreation Centre is properly equipped for the teams that want to play indoor netball all year round, as well as their friends who just can’t seem to get enough of the excitement of the game. The facility is spacious and its managers are always on top of the bookings of the place, so scheduling a competition to be held there is definitely a breeze.

As a year-round sport, indoor netball continues to grow in popularity because there can be no off-season — local teams can play whenever they want, whether it’s scorching hot out or freezing cold and wet. Also, because it’s a year-round sport, those who want to join teams can do so right when they’re feeling most enthusiastic about it. This is a major factor because interest can wane if not pursued right away. All they need to do is sign up with an organisation, pay a membership fee, and in no time they’ll find themselves the newest members of a team.

Another attractive quality of indoor netball is that it presents the delightful opportunity to get to know other members of the community. Teammates who play at Melbourne Social Netball can easily become friends; ditto with fans who regularly come to cheer and support. And the new social connections can be so diverse — there are golden boys and girls who bring cheeky tactics, wisdom, and humour to the game, as well as folks your age who have the same concerns about fitness, heath and life as you do, and high schoolers who are incredibly competitive and energetic.

Last and best of all, indoor netball continues to become more popular because it’s a fun and familiar activity for staying fit. People want to engage in it, and most schools in Australia introduce the sport in grade school physical education class so the basics are covered for pretty much everybody. On top of this, the sport requires a wide range of strategic movements that can burn fat and develop muscles. According to fitness experts, the fast pace of the game is a great calorie burner; in a game, players can lose as much as 450 calories. Also, the movement around the court can firm the bottom, calves, and thighs. Meanwhile, passing the ball around can tone arms, back, chest and shoulders. These fitness benefits are what a lot of people want, and netball edges out other fitness routines because it achieves the same results without feeling like a boring exercise regimen. 

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