Looking For Team Building Activities? Melbourne Experts Recommend Social Netball

Looking For Team Building Activities? Melbourne Experts Recommend Social Netball

When it comes to team building activities, Melbourne business organisations will easily discover that there are various options to choose from. However, it is imperative to note that not all team building activities are created equal. Suffice it to say that there are activities that are touted as team building exercises, yet net the opposite results, leaving members of the organisation tired, hurt or even alienated.

Finding a suitable team building activity can be considered as a tall order because some employees view these as either too boring or too extreme for them to fully participate in.

If this immense task has fallen on your shoulders, there are several appealing reasons to pitch the idea of playing netball to your team or your bosses.

The definition of what exactly a team building activity is will vary from one organisation to another. The common denominator among suitable team building activities is the positive reinforcement within a group. With social netball, the members of an organisation are given a solid structure to work toward a defined goal — in this instance, gelling together in the face of a common adversary: the competing team.

Some organisations shy away from physical activities either because they are afraid that their employees will get hurt along the process, or because those who are not physically fit will find themselves alienated. Melbourne Social Netball solves these issues in a couple of ways.

First, we ensure that the umpires officiating the games are selected and trained properly not only to ensure fair play, but more importantly, to assess player needs and bolster safety in the play area as well. It is no wonder then that we can boast that we have the lowest accident rate in Victoria.

Second, the games emphasise fun and socialisation. Visit any of our ongoing tourneys and you’ll witness a devoted community of players who are passionate with the game and who wish to help new players succeed in the competitions.

Melbourne Social Netball has five locations in Melbourne and games are played on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights. This will allow your organisation to minimise disruption during work hours or days, and you can find a location most convenient and accessible for all team members. This eliminates the hassles of finding a suitable location for the team activities as well as incurring additional expenditures like transportation expenses.

Simply put, netball offers businesses and not-for-profit organisations alike ample opportunities to foster team spirit without compromising safety or even their operations.