What is Social Sport

What is Social Sport

…and why you should get involved

Social Sport is not Club sport. So what’s the difference? The interaction is different as it’s more social. It’s more about building the relationships from player to player rather than the achievement of winning a game. In sport social sport has social benefits. Social Sport is used for social development. You are being social in sport.

Social Sport is operated from a profiting business. It is not operated from a club association. Social Sport can be a variety of sporting games supplied in your local suburb.

Social Sport can be indoor or outdoor. And social sports cover a broad range of team Sports. Social Sport covers social netball social soccer social tennis social volleyball.

Social Sport does not expect any person who joins to be experienced at the game they want to play. Social Sport has a much lower standard of training in the sport of your choice. There aren’t any training sessions to learn about the game that you’re participating in. Social sports provides the venue the umpires or referees.

Social Sport is all about playing with in a team. You can be a single individual person looking to find a new social group and be placed in a social sporting team.  You don’t need to have experience in the sport that you’re playing as you get taught along the way.

Social sports are fun ways to meet new people social sports are a fun way to play a game with your neighbor or housemate or workmate. Social sports don’t have any training sessions and it very rarely has a coach for your team. The emphasis is on becoming social meeting and participating and enjoying an activity with other people away from a computer or iPhone or iPad.

When you participate in a Social Sport you’re exercising and having fun. This is easier than going to the gym and working hard with weights and treadmills. You’re busy enjoying and playing and having fun and before you know it the game is over and you chat with your friends about the game.