Moonee Ponds Netball Club – Catering To Netball Lovers Of Any Age Or Gender

Moonee Ponds Netball Club – Catering To Netball Lovers Of Any Age Or Gender

Netball is a fun, engaging sport that holds much opportunity for physical fitness, keen strategising, social interaction, and even character development. It may have started out as a schoolgirls’ sport, but it has certainly evolved through the years and has since transcended the limits of both age and sex. This fact is certainly evident in the membership of Moonee Ponds Netball Club, now called Moonee Valley Netball Club, which has female and male players ranging from preschoolers to retirees.

Clearly a club upholding equal opportunity, Moonee Valley Netball Club is all about the enjoyment of the game. It takes on interested individuals of any age, gender, or skill level and teaches them the finer points of netball and allows them to experience the thrill of playing. Its coaches range in age from as young as 13 to as mature as 80. They are all eager volunteers, committed to upholding the vision of the club.

Started 40 years ago with just two teams, it has since grown to a club of 16 junior teams and eight senior teams. These teams compete with each other and join tournaments such as those run by Melbourne Social Netball. Amidst the strict adherence to game rules and club policies, there permeates a light atmosphere that engenders a true feeling of community. This friendly environment inspires commitment and loyalty from the players.

Known as the Home of the Eagles, the Moonee Valley Netball Club distinguishes itself through its navy and red colours, proudly worn by its players as they go up against opposing teams. The club may give off the vibe of a fun family of netball lovers, but it is entirely serious about holding true to its mission. It promotes the sport, educates the community about it, and goes much further beyond training its players. It allows those with potential to truly explore what the sport offers. Expertise is encouraged through a programme for trainee coaches. Each year, selected players are given the opportunity to train as future coaches for the club.

Playing netball is an awesome way to make friends, fortify social networks, and have loads of fun while getting fit. Joining a club and being part of a team are definitely great ideas for those who want to spend a lot of time playing the game. Meanwhile, participating in safely run competitions will definitely boost their skills and develop so much more than their sports mojo with games priming them just as much for life outside of the game.