Moonee Valley Women Join Indoor Netball Association In Essendon For Some Healthy Socialisation

Moonee Valley Women Join Indoor Netball Association In Essendon For Some Healthy Socialisation

Are you a mother wishing for some adult interaction? Are you a career woman looking for some clean fun after work? Are you the only sporty female in your group of friends? If you answer “yes” to any of these questions, then it’s time you took up social netball. You don’t have to play exceptionally well to join a team. No matter your skill level, you can explore this pastime by signing up with Melbourne Social Netball.

Playing netball is especially beneficial to mums with small children as they often find themselves bereft of opportunities to socialise and exercise. Through netball, they can hit two birds with one stone. They’ll be healthier in more aspects than one. As a result, they’ll be happier and, thus, able to parent much better. Everybody benefits. It would certainly be worth it to hire a sitter two nights a week or to get their hubbies to mind the brood while they play at the premier Ascot Vale Melbourne Netball venue.

Whether you’re married or single, heading over to the Riverside Golf and Tennis Centre twice a week for matches is a great way to break the monotony of your daily routine. You get some fresh air, meet other women who also love the sport, burn calories, and simply enjoy playing the game.

If you’re not too keen on being outdoors for one reason or another, you can go for indoor netball instead. This would also be your choice if you prefer a more thrilling match. The indoor version of the netball is very similar to the full court game with some modifications to make the pace faster and livelier.

For starters, the indoor playing court has nets on the sides and overhead to prevent the ball from leaving the court. This means that the ball is always live except during half time or when a goal is scored. It certainly makes for a very strategic and exciting game.

If you’re interested in playing indoor netball particularly, you can find an indoor netball association in Essendon to join. You’ll love the feeling of community and the many opportunities of playing indoor netball it will provide. Being able to connect with a set of kindred netball-loving spirits will be absolutely priceless.

Netball has certainly been the answer to many women’s socialisation and fitness woes this side of Melbourne. If you want to get together with other netball enthusiasts and get fit while you’re at it, social netball is the game for you.