Netball Club In Moonee Ponds – Providing Support For Netball Enthusiasts In The Area

Netball Club In Moonee Ponds – Providing Support For Netball Enthusiasts In The Area

Many consider netball to be one of the most fun sports to be involved in. It is great for promoting physical fitness, developing a keen strategic mind, training discipline and strength of character, etc.

What was once a school girl’s sport is now one of the most popular social sports in Australia. It now caters to people of all ages and genders. Games can be all ladies or mixed. Men have been known to prefer the game, not only because it allows them to mingle with the ladies, but also because it allows them to hone skills that are usually not employed in other sports they typically participate in.

Netball’s popularity in the Melbourne suburbs is clearly evidenced by the growing number of netball clubs and teams in the area. The love for the game is not about to wane either, as the growing membership of the netball club in Moonee Ponds will tell you. The Moonee Valley Netball Club, for one is an enthusiastic congregation of netball aficionados with members, both male and female, ranging from preschoolers to seniors.

This netball club in Moonee Ponds underlines the enjoyment of the game. As long as you’re interested, it will take you in, fan the spark, and turn you into a lifelong enthusiast. It doesn’t matter what your age, gender, or skill level is; somebody will be happy to teach you all you need to learn to play and then give you the opportunity to experience it firsthand, whether playing in a casual game or participating in an official competition such as those run by Melbourne Social Netball.

Joining a netball club allows you to explore your interest in the sport to the extent that you desire. You may be happy with being able to play and watch games regularly, but if you’re inclined to pursue a professional career as an athlete, you will also get the support and training necessary to achieve your goal.

Even as you enjoy the fellowship within your club, you’ll soon realise that the passion for the sport extends to all corners of the state. As you head on to competition venues such as the netball courts of Riverside Golf and Tennis Centre, you’ll look forward to meeting and befriending other netball lovers from other suburbs

Having a support group is always a good idea, and if your fascination is netball, joining a club is definitely a great way to access one.