Netball Clubs Near Camberwell Help Build Healthier, Happier Families

Netball Clubs Near Camberwell Help Build Healthier, Happier Families

Looking to spend more meaningful time with your family? Joining a netball club can be a good investment. Unlike most mainstream sports, netball is not too physically aggressive, but players can still experience the intensity and competition that makes every game exciting and rewarding. Categorised as a social sport, netball is suitable for a wide range of ages and skill levels, allowing most members of the family to join.

A number of netball clubs near Camberwell and near Melbourne Social Netball are currently open for registration and membership. But should you decide to sign up here at Melbourne Social Netball, know that we have the lowest accident rate in the region, so you can rest assured that everyone in the family will enjoy safe, wholesome fun every time.

If you have always wanted to take the family, especially the kids, away from the TV and computer screen and help them rediscover the joy of sports, taking them for a game of netball this season and enjoy the following benefits:

Enjoy better health. Studies have shown that the number of hours children spend playing outside has significantly decreased these past few years. Being sedentary and staying indoors most of the time have led to many problems such as childhood obesity, diabetes, osteoporosis, heart disease, poor motor skills, poor immune system and many more. Regular games of netball, complemented with good eating habits, allows you and your kids to be physically active so you can develop fitter, stronger bodies.

Enjoy good mood and well-being. Just the simple act of going outside of the house can already give your mood an uplift. And when you engage in the whole-body exercise that social netball offers, your body releases so-called happy hormones that naturally drive away crankiness, low mood, low drive and depression. If you’re feeling pressured at work and if the kids are feeling overwhelmed from schoolwork, playing netball allows you to release stress, relax and feel good once again.

Cultivate positive family values. People of all ages are now bombarded with so many negative messages that can affect your attitude and beliefs toward life. Playing wholesome sports such as netball helps counter these negative influences. Experts have always emphasised how play can be the greatest education experience for your children. Playing sports allows them to learn about positive attitudes such as focus, grace under pressure, following directions, discipline and respect for authority.

Strengthen family bonds and teamwork. A family is a team. When you play netball, this dynamic becomes even clearer and easier to understand for your children. They get to have first-hand experiences of what it means to cooperate, participate as a member of the group, contribute to achieving a common goal, and eventually, be selfless for the sake of the team. All these lessons can be valuable as they navigate life in the real world.