Play Netball In Essendon – Build A Cohesive Organisation Through This Fun Sport

Play Netball In Essendon – Build A Cohesive Organisation Through This Fun Sport

Today’s organisations are constantly looking for ways to foster creativity and productivity as well as strategies to attract and retain top talent. After all, a business’s greatest asset is its personnel.

Many HR professionals acknowledge that these organisational goals cannot be achieved by relying on monetary rewards. Beyond an attractive salary package, employees have multi-faceted needs that should be met by the organisation, allowing them to be happy to be a part of the team which, in turn, translates to greater productivity, creativity and team cohesion.

One great way to achieve these goals, complementing monetary rewards, is through team building in the form of sports like netball. But why play netball?

Unlike other sports which are predominated by men or where the strongest, fastest and tallest athletes dominate other players, netball is an inclusive sport. Although there are professional and semi-professionals teams which regularly compete in Australia, a large segment of the country’s players come from diverse backgrounds, including women and skilled and professional workers.

Here at Melbourne Social Netball, a high percentage of our players are individuals who are looking for a fun activity that allows them to feel the adrenaline rush of competing while retaining the fun and social aspect of playing.

As a form of teambuilding exercise, netball offers plenty of benefits. For one, it is an activity that practically all your employees will enjoy. Teambuilding through netball can allow your organisation to reap the rewards of enhanced employee relationship and team morale, productivity and leadership development while decreasing employee turnover, absenteeism and even boredom from work. Employees, on the other hand, can gain the benefits of enhanced self-confidence, fitness, a boost in energy levels and even self-esteem. In short, this is a win-win situation for both employees and their organisations.

Our umpires have been carefully selected and trained to work with players from different backgrounds, including new players. Aside from that, we take pride in the fact that we have the lowest accident rate in Victoria, an offshoot of our emphasis on player safety.

For organisations or individuals looking for a place to play netball in Essendon, we are proud to announce that we have opened a new location in Ascot Vale. This venue offers seven outdoor courts which are made with flexipave. The new location is just 10 kilometres away from CBD Riverside, making it the ideal location for your organisation’s netball teambuilding events. There are also quality netball courts to be found at the Riverside Golf and Tennis Centre.