Post-Match Mingling Ideas to Make Summer Netball Social

Post-Match Mingling Ideas to Make Summer Netball Social

If you’re looking for a good activity to get busy with this summer, taking up a sport is one of your best options. And if socialisation is one of your primary goals, social netball makes an excellent choice for you.

Social netball is becoming increasingly popular these days since it’s a fun alternative to joining a netball club. This means playing in a recreational league for a certain period throughout the year. You can sign up as a team or as an individual looking to be placed in a team.

Social netball allows you to play the game purely for fun without the commitment and seriousness that joining a club usually involves. You basically just meet up with your team about once a week for the duration of the league to play against another team for fun and then hang out afterward for even more fun.

As social as playing already is, interaction may definitely carry on after the game. This makes social netball your best bet for meeting your recreational or social sporting needs, especially in the summer.

Netball used to be considered a winter game since it was usually played on indoor courts, but with the outdoor courts today, it has become a great way to get active out in the fresh air. Melbourne Social Netball, for one, holds many of its games on outdoor courts. Its usual venues include Melbourne High School, Ryan’s Reserve, Richmond Recreation Centre, Flagstaff Gardens, and Riverside Golf and Tennis Centre.

With summer netball, social rewards are even more plentiful, considering the various options there are for post-match mingling. Here are some of them:

  • Post-match cool down – You can chat while you stretch, brisk walk, or get massages. You need to cool down properly anyway, so why not be social about it?
  • Post-match meal – If you feel comfortable enough to eat together, it’s always fun to head out as a big group for a meal at one of the nearby restaurants.
  • Post-match drink – Not quite hungry? A drink will suffice. Whether you stop for coffee, tea, or a much stronger brew, you can go out for refreshments and shoot the breeze while you’re at it.
  • Post-match show – You could catch a local live band or comic act and enjoy some music and laughs together.
  • Post-match singing and dancing – Karaoke anyone? How about some dancing? It’s a great way to break the ice, especially if you’re willing to get silly.
  • Post-match summer carnival – There is a lot going on in Melbourne in the summertime, so why not hit one or more of these events with your netball people? A couple of them are the Midsumma Festival and the Japanese Summer Festival.
  • Post-match shopping – There is also an abundance of Christmas markets, night markets, craft markets, etc. If some of you are interested in checking out the booths, why not go together?
  • Post-match party – Hopefully, there are a few in the group who love to entertain. This means parties for you to attend on and off game days.

With summer netball, social goals can easily be achieved.