Are you getting ready to play ladies’ social netball? You may primarily do it for fun, but you also want to perform well and get progressively better. A social netball game may be casual, but the workout you get is still pretty serious, so you need to make sure that you’re up for it. What can you do to prime yourself for regular Melbourne Social Netball matches?

  • Get comfy wearing the right attire. If you’re going to be playing in the usual kit, then you should practise moving about in the right uniform and footwear. This is especially important if you have new items. Test them for size and comfort. Try jogging around the neighbourhood using your playing shoes.
  • Prepare yourself physically. You want to be fit enough to run up and down the court without getting so winded that you have major breathing difficulty. Some cardio workouts can definitely do you a world of good. Although social netball is mainly played for fun, and people of different fitness levels are welcome to play, you should build your strength and endurance enough to last a game.
  • Put in some practice time. Social netball doesn’t call for training and practice, but you might want to do unofficial drills with a friend, such as passing the ball back and forth. In the course of your day, just for fun, you might also break into the different moving styles used in netball, such as sprinting, sidestepping, and running backwards. Shooting skills can also be honed in a variety of ways even if you don’t have a ball and a hoop handy. If you’re signing up as an individual player, you might want to hone skills used in different positions as well just to be prepared.
  • Have some fun as a spectator. This will get you even more excited to play. You can also pick up some tips and tricks. If you want to catch some social netball games, try the following venues used by Melbourne Social Netball:
    • Flagstaff Gardens in the city.
    • Riverside Golf and Tennis Centre in Ascot Vale.
    • Richmond Recreation Centre in Richmond.
    • Ryan’s Reserve in Richmond.
    • Melbourne High School in South Yarra.

At the end of the day, remember that ladies’ social netball is supposed to be fun, so don’t hurt yourself fretting over games and overthinking your play. In fact, even in your preparation, be sure to enjoy yourself.

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