Reasons to Find a Local Social Group

Reasons to Find a Local Social Group

Are you an avid netballer who has recently moved to Melbourne? Did you play netball in school but have not had the chance to do so after you graduated? Have you always been a spectator, but now want to be part of the action? Do you simply want to be involved in a sport that will give you the opportunity to be more social? If you can relate to any of the above situations, then a good solution for you is to find a local social group dedicated to netball.

Playing netball is a lot of fun. It’s even more fun when you get to regularly play with your own team. One of the best ways for you to play at Melbourne’s best netball venues such as the courts at the Riverside Golf and Tennis Centre is to find a local social group that organises games for teams and individual players to participate in. In the area, that would be Melbourne Social Netball.

Whether you intend to play netball to keep in shape, to keep busy, or to keep yourself socialised, social netball is a great avenue for you. You could be male or female, of any age past 18, and of any skill level. Social netball will cater to you and you will be welcome in the local social group.

Netball games require two teams with seven players each. The point is for players to shoot the ball into the heap while also defending their own goals. Make no mistake; this is very much a contact sport.

Traditionally, netball was a game for women, but these days, you can have a mix of genders to play with and against. Social netball actually makes for more fascinating games, the mix of men and women bringing a more visually exciting and unpredictable element to them. Men also find that netball demands skills from them that other sports don’t. This is one of the reasons why netball has been able to attract and keep male players despite its original identity as a women’s sport. The social factor helps a lot, of course.

Playing social netball also allows you to be casually competitive. You don’t have to have competed for your school or have been a lifelong fan of the sport. The goal is to have fun with your workmates, your friends, your family members, and strangers who will also soon become friends. Of course, even if you’re doing it for fun, you can’t help but develop analytical thinking, discipline, self-control, sportsmanship, etc.

The beauty in playing social netball is that you don’t need your own team to start with. It’s good if you do, but if you don’t, then your local social group will place you in a team so you can play.

Get active with a local social netball group and you can get fit, improve your game, and develop character while also filling your social calendar.