Reasons to Love Social Netball In Melbourne

Reasons to Love Social Netball In Melbourne

The city of Melbourne boasts a proud netball tradition. Before the Melbourne Vixens in the ANZ Championships, there were the Melbourne Kestrels and Melbourne Phoenix in the Commonwealth Bank Trophy.

Melbourne’s role in Australian netball history is also firmly established. First, it was chosen to be the site for the first official National Championships in 1928. A decade later, the country’s first international match, played in 1938 against New Zealand, was also held in Melbourne. It was thankfully a win for Australia, which further endears the city to netball aficionados.

Of course, not every netballer can play professionally or officially in the national leagues. Fortunately, you don’t have to be a committed athlete to enjoy the beautiful game. Many Melbourne netball players are happy to play casually in games organised by Melbourne Social Netball.

As far as social sports go, netball is definitely one of the most popular options. This explains why there are netball courts scattered all over the Melbourne suburbs. Some of the high quality ones are found at the Riverside Golf and Tennis Centre in Ascot Vale, Flagstaff Gardens at the CBD, Richmond Recreation Centre in Richmond, Ryan’s Reserve also in Richmond, and Melbourne High School in South Yarra.

  • In keeping with Melbourne’s affinity with the sport, its citizens keep up the enthusiasm for the game by participating in social netball. In Melbourne, there are many reasons to love the game, some of which are the following:
  • It doesn’t demand too much from you. You just make time for the games and some post-match mingling and that’s pretty much the commitment you have to make. There’s no need to train and practice, although you may, of course, if you want to.
  • It’s democratic. It’s quite inclusive, in terms of gender, experience, and skill level. You would have to be at least 18 to play though.
  • It’s fun-oriented. It’s social netball. Games can be competitive, but winning isn’t the main point of the game for most players. For some, it’s to get active and fit. For others, it’s for love of the game. And there are those who want to make new friends. You can rest assured though that if you play regularly, your skills will be honed.

You can be part of the city’s netball community by participating in social games. Social netball in Melbourne is definitely a great way for anybody who loves the sport to be involved in it.