Reasons Why Netball Sport in Essendon Is Popular Among Older Adults

Reasons Why Netball Sport in Essendon Is Popular Among Older Adults

Sports sometimes favour the younger generation because of the high requirements in athleticism and endurance in order to compete. This is the prime reason why older adults tend to fade away in the background and refrain from playing specific types of games. However, there are certain sports, such as netball, that seem to encourage those from earlier generations to be engaged and involved.

Though there will always be a disparity in playing style among age brackets, netball has certain qualities that appeal to adults who are well over their playing age – even those in their 50s and 60s. A huge part of this is because of the maturity that these people possess, as they apply the life lessons they’ve learned through the years.

Here’s why netball sport in Essendon looks to grow in popularity among older adults:

Requires strategy and discipline

Netball emphasises the mental aspects of the game, while being a physical sport, which bodes well with more seasoned players. This enables them to compete and be at par with younger guys who may be in their physical prime. The rules of netball call for good teamwork and control – things that seniors will easily grasp and understand.

Good cardiovascular exercise

Playing keeps the heart pumping and the blood flowing while not really being too physically demanding and energy-draining. The sport requires players to understand spacing and positioning, instead of beating your man through speed and strength. Therefore, older players won’t need to bust their lungs out, and they’ll enjoy a more rhythmic cardiovascular exercise.

Competitive but fun sport

More than anything, netball is a fun physical activity. Sometimes other sports put too much emphasis on the competition rather than on having fun, which may leave some players out of the game. In netball, everyone is given equal opportunity to play.

Emphasises the community

Such fun sports foster great friendship amongst members of the locality. That’s why certain places have established netball recreational groups throughout the years, such as Melbourne Social Netball which has an exciting venue at Ascot Vale, to develop a sense of community. Sports are given strong emphasis as a way for people to get together and know each other better.

Knows no age and gender

Netball is open to anyone who can hurl a ball and understand the principles of teamwork and discipline. Proof of its widely encompassing appeal is the presence of courts in such areas as the Riverside Golf and Tennis Centre, which cater to the sport with a number of netball courts.