Registering a Team

What a better way to socialise every week with your friends in one place, than in a social netball game. If you want fun: you’ve found the right community! Just check out our team photos and videos for proof!

Getting unplugged from your tech devices and having some fun is great for your social life.  Netball is a great way to reconnect with friends in person (not via a screen) while also increasing your fitness and health in a friendly outdoor environment!

Note: A full season payment whilst easier to manage can be challenging sometimes so we have a 2 or 3 payment option available. Email to see how it works.

Melbourne Social Netball offers both Mixed and Ladies netball competitions at multiple venues. So choose your night and venue and shoot a message to your friends and see who’s keen to join in on the action.

[dt_sc_pricing_table_item color=”color4″ heading=”Team Pricing”]Costs are only $12 – $15 per week (changes with number of players).


Season payment = Registration $95 + (season length x $90 game fee)

eg Season payment of $1535 = $95 + $1440 (16 rounds x $90 fee).

Note: $90 fee = $70 game fee + $20 umpire fee


Note: Season Length (normally 12 or 16) found on each venue page.[/dt_sc_pricing_table_item]

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