The Essential Steps To Participating In And Enjoying Netball Tournaments 2014

The Essential Steps To Participating In And Enjoying Netball Tournaments 2014

It’s the same netball game every weekend. You meet up with your co-workers. You play against the other teams in the other business units. One team wins and you all call it a day. There may be celebratory cocktails and snacks afterwards but otherwise, it all seems pretty average. You may be looking for something more with your netball tournaments.

If you’re looking for better challenges and want to broaden your network of fellow netball players, now is the time to shake things up. What if you could play against a mixed team of men and women? What if you could play against another team working in different professions? What if you could play in nightly tournaments?

This is all possible when you look into the netball tournaments 2014, as organised by Melbourne Social Netball. Established in 1996, Melbourne Social has been providing nightly mixed social and ladies’ netball competitions. Tournaments are arranged at different venues in the capital city of Victoria, with indoor and outdoor courts. Through the years, it has built a community of netball teams that are pitted in challenging, fun, and exhilarating games, which are classified in different divisions.

Depending on your division, your schedule, and the result of your games, you may be playing against Team Awesome, Attack of the Runs, or the Subpoena Coladas. But don’t be fooled by the quirky and interesting team names; you may be in for some serious matches.

There are a couple of ways you can join the netball tournaments from Melbourne Social. One is by signing up your own team. The other is to join as an individual player. Understandably, as a working professional, an entrepreneur, or a busy parent, your schedule might not always be in line with your friends’ or co-workers’ schedules. The conflicting times may make arranging games (and making tournaments) a bit of a challenge.

So if you’re a lone player looking for a team, do not frown. Melbourne Social’s Team Building Teams (TBT) can place you with appropriate teams. You will only have to choose your preferred division, whether you wish to join an all-ladies team or a mixed team.

Finally, to ensure that your team makes it to every game, move on to the next round during the season, and basically, improve stats, never leave them hanging when you can’t make it. Whether you need to travel for work or have to take care of your family during a critical match in the season, you need to get a replacement so your team gets to play.