The Fun Netball Games Offer Players And Fans

The Fun Netball Games Offer Players And Fans

There’s no denying that netball is a fun sport – it’s highly competitive but always fun, especially for spectators. Mixed netball, especially, is enjoyed by many because of the special dynamics of having men and women working together as a team.

But apart from the enjoyment provided by the actual competition, there’s more fun netball games offer players and fans.

Post-game socialisation is a big thing in the netball community. Competing teams forget about playing against each other on the court and they gather together with other sports enthusiasts for a wholesome time together.

One thing that helps to make post-game mingling possible is the ideal location of Melbourne Social Netball’s competition venues. The Riverside Golf and Tennis Centre, Melbourne High School, Richmond Recreation Centre, Flagstaff Gardens, and Ryan’s Reserve are all situated close to commercial establishments that are just perfect for everything from meals to drinks and other enjoyable social activities.

Karaoke is also among the favourite activities of teams and fans. The opportunity to belt out tunes and use songs to jibe each other is always hard to resist. It’s also nice to see favourite players just letting loose and displaying a different facet of their personality.

Dancing is another thing that fans and players get a kick out of doing after a netball game. A lot of league personalities don’t think twice about showing that they have moves outside the court. The moves may not be as calculated and perfectly executed, but they definitely contribute to everybody’s good time.

Over the summer, Melbourne is also home to a lot of festivals that coincide with game nights. It’s easy to hit these up after games and have the excitement and fun carry over. Two of the much-anticipated festivals in the summer are the Japanese Summer Festival and the Midsumma Festival.

Lastly, it’s not uncommon for fans and the family members of the team to hold parties after matches. They bring food, drinks, games and other forms of entertainment. These shindigs never fail to bring everybody together and further strengthen the netball community.

See, if you’re looking for a splendid time, one of the best ways to get that is to watch a netball game. The game is a wonderful display of athletic skills, and post-game activities are perfect for socialisation. Everybody’s welcoming and, for sure, you’ll find yourself a new friend, or two, or a dozen.

To learn about the schedule of games you can watch, check out Melbourne Social Netball’s venue calendar.