Things to Check Off Your List When Joining Netball Games

Things to Check Off Your List When Joining Netball Games

Netball is a well-loved sport across Australia. It’s no wonder why many beginners are eager to give the games a try — netball offers an excellent way to get active while also providing an opportunity for strangers to come together, work as a team, and become friends.

As with any other sport, beginners need to take some time to get themselves ready for the activity. This involves physical and mental preparation for the actual play, as well as making sure that all other requirements for a positive playing experience at a trusted netball venue are completed.

Melbourne Social Netball offers top-notch venues at Riverside Golf and Tennis Centre, Melbourne High School, Richmond Recreation Centre, Flagstaff Gardens, and Ryan’s Reserve. But before you start joining netball games at one of these locations, make sure that you have the following items checked off your to-do list first:

Study the game

Of course, having a basic understanding of the structure and rules is great to have before you begin. There are plenty of online resources that you can check out to learn about the fundamentals, such as Netball Australia’s official website where you can find the rules and other helpful information. You can also watch friends or family play a few times before you try the sport so you can see what the action is like for yourself.

Join or put together a team

The next thing to do is to become part of a netball team. At Melbourne Social Netball, you have the option of joining as an individual or with a group of friends.

Individuals are typically placed in teams with other individuals, who can either be beginners like yourself or more experienced players. Alternatively, you can form a group of seven players with people you know so that you can join as a complete team. Teams can be mixed or made up of all ladies.

The fun thing about netball is that you can play with strangers, new acquaintances, good friends, relatives, or people from work. The sport brings people together to work towards a common goal, so it’s no surprise that netball is such a great bonding activity and a way to let loose and let off steam outside of your home or workplace.

Prepare your uniform and equipment

You need sporting attire to play netball, so prepare shorts, pants, skirts or leggings for the lower body, and T-shirts, long sleeve shirts, windcheaters or singlets for the upper body.

Make sure that these items of clothing come in plain colours — all team members in each team must be in the same colour, top and bottom. Make sure you wear athletic shoes.

All players must have netball bibs with the letters indicating their position clearly readable from the sideline.

A team must also have their own netball, netball material tape, and glasses (prescription or sun) for those who need them.

Know the weather procedure

Netball is an outdoor winter sport, so be prepared to engage in physical activity while exposed to the elements. Melbourne Social Netball has the proper protocols in place in the event that the weather gets too hot. But if the weather is not extreme enough to cause the cancellation of your timeslot, then you must dress appropriately for the weather and bring an adequate supply of water for sufficient hydration.