What Can You Expect from Netball Sport In Richmond?

What Can You Expect from Netball Sport In Richmond?

Playing netball might seem daunting at first, especially when you are just beginning to watch an intense mixed game unfold into one of the most dynamic matches ever. It’s pretty exciting to watch, you’re thinking.

But aside from the fact that it is going to be an exciting sport to get into, what other things can you expect from playing netball sport in Richmond?

For starters, when you join through Melbourne Social Netball, you can expect to play in venues in the area that are safe and that feature topnotch courts, be it indoors or outdoors. The leading facilitator of netball games all over Melbourne and netball umpire training only chooses the best venues for teams to play on.

The growing popularity of the sport may have spurred numerous venues to spring up but only a handful may have sufficient facilities, from high quality flexipave netball courts to services players will need. Netball players in Ascot Vale, incidentally, can get both at the Riverside Golf and Tennis Centre, which has seven netball courts.

For netball players in Richmond, there is the rec centre on Gleadell St., which features two top quality surfaced courts and the added appeal of a 50-metre swimming pool, plus a gym.

In addition to playing on the best netball courts in Richmond, you can also expect great netball clubs that receive you with open arms. Whether you are new to the suburb and the sport or have played the game in another city with other clubs, a netball club in Richmond will feel like your second family.

So you will definitely expect a lot of time spent together, even when it’s off netball season, and new people who will become your new best friends.

Since netball is pretty established in the Melbourne suburb, you can also expect a commitment to learning and training. Netball players in Richmond are always looking to improve their skills and their game. This means that team practices can be filled with ways to improve ball handling or increase speed and agility. And practices will also include building cooperation and communication between players.

Now, should your desire to play the game shift toward umpiring, no need to worry. You can develop your skill and work your way toward achieving an umpire badge. This would entail weeks of theory training, which happens online with Melbourne Social Netball, followed by court training.

Overall, expect to gain more in terms of athletic skills, socialisation, and enjoyment when you play netball in Richmond.