What You Can Get from South Yarra Netball Clubs

What You Can Get from South Yarra Netball Clubs

There is netball fever across Melbourne. From the Netball World Cup to big men (7 feet!) in mixed netball games getting big press, netball is on everyone’s mind. And why not? With the super athletic and super fun sport, you’ll be hard pressed to find a South Yarra club that hasn’t got a netball game night on any given day.

But aside from the fact that netball can increase your athletic abilities and improve your weekends with fun social games, this popular sport has more things to offer.

South Yarra netball clubs offer you the convenience as well as the joy of playing the competitive game through venues that are topnotch. Melbourne Social Netball, for starters, does game nights with ladies and mixed, thrice a week, at a venue that features two outdoor top quality courts with superb views of the surrounding area. The netball venue also has a fantastic lounge where teams can get a drink after a match.

Much like other netball clubs in other venues, like the Riverside Golf and Tennis Centre (which features seven outdoor netball courts on flexipave), the South Yarra netball venue also has facilities where players can shower and change. So instead of hurrying back to your apartment to make that next meeting, you can simply pack whatever you need for the day and head to your next appointment after an exhilarating game.

Netball clubs in South Yarra also help you meet new people. You’ll have no problem making new friends and socialising because organisers like Melbourne Social Netball make it easy for you.

You can join as an individual or you can join as a team. Some established teams will even post details on their social networking sites on how you can fill in for a game. They will indicate if they need women or men.

Filling in is a good option for trying out netball without committing to the sport instantly at first. You can get your feet wet, see if you’ll get hooked on the pace and the energy of the game, and then decide if you want to go with a ladies’ team or a mixed team.

In addition to meeting new people, Melbourne Social Netball adds that the challenging and deeply engaging sport can also help you get in the best shape of your life. You will not only have a lot of fun but you will also be exercising in the process.

So it’s high time you got into the netball fever yourself because good things will come your way when you play this game.