A new growth is occurring in social sports within Brunswick that is specifically about social netball. People are tired of the dating app and want to meet people differently, so they are turning to social sports and then joining for a season of social netball.

The newest growth that has occurred recently is located at the Brunswick West netball courts venue. They currently operate the social sport of mixed and ladies netball on a Monday night for over 18 years to 45 years. Its location at 425 Victoria Street has freshly updated court surfaces.

After social sports the best part is yet to come as the entire team often go out to enjoy a local meal and beverage. That’s the time when a team can chat about the fun that the social sport has just become for them. They often learn new rules each time they play so this is always an interesting talking point.

The local pub around the corner from these Brunswick netball courts is one of the most popular places to visit. The Grand View Pub is a classy but casual place to enjoy as it also caters to other social sports that are also playing locally in the area.

This is when the place has a buzz socially as many of these social sports players start to socially exchange their nights further with each other. Some even discuss filling in for each other’s team sport and join each other via Facebook for future social updates on the social sports timetables each week.

Social sports are far more enjoyable that a dating app and any social sport player would happily agree.