Where to Play Social Sports in Footscray

Where to Play Social Sports in Footscray

One of the most exciting social areas within Footscray exists around social sports in particular netball. In Melbourne there are combinations of ladies and mixed competitions around town where 18 year olds can be placed into a social sport team and then join a season of social netball.

Meeting like-minded people inside a social sport takes a different angle than the limited social apps that people use, as apps prove to be shallow and limiting. When you explore an experience with other newbies from your local neighborhood, you can enjoy the mutual learning alongside each other working towards a common goal. It’s lighthearted fun but building on both your fitness skills and social skills. Overall it has a great impact on your mental health.

But the social aspect doesn’t stop at just the social netball match each week. That’s only the introduction part of meeting other authentic quality people.

If you join a Social Footscray Netball team you can then participate in local Footscray activities as well with your new teammate.  

Other popular extremely low budget social activities in Footscray are checking out Footscray park, the Footscray Community Arts Centre, ‘Kevin Shorten Reserve, Bulldogs Museum, Whitten Oval, Little Saigon Market, VU at Metro West museums, Quarry Park.

You could take your social netball friend out to a more luxury experience and book a spa or a facial package, foot spa or a invigorating massage to you’re your muscles recover from the social netball match.

There are superb places to eat with your Melbourne netball friends in really popular Footscray venues like Up in Smoke, 8bit, Sapa Hills Restaurant, Viet Kitchen or Small French Bar just to name a few.

Why not meet your social sports mates at a bar for a drink before you socialize across the weekend and talk about the Suncorp Super Netball. Check out ‘Back Alley Sally’s, Littlefoot Bar, Bar Josephine, Sloth Bar or Pride of our Footscray Community Bar.