Why Playing Social Netball Is A Great Addition To Your Corporate Team Building Strategy

Why Playing Social Netball Is A Great Addition To Your Corporate Team Building Strategy

To learn more about building team unity and uplifting the team spirit, a good strategy for corporate organisations is to turn to sports. And not just any sport – because you can succeed as an individual in some sports categories, such as triathlon, tennis or swimming (although it may be argued that athletes and players for these events often coach and train under the  structure of a team). You need a sporting event that champions the power of a team.

For your corporate team building strategy, what you need is a type of sport that encourages camaraderie and cooperation. Something that is light-hearted and fun, but will still require players to exert their best efforts to turn in a great performance. In other words, a type of sport that will still be high-pressure, exciting and challenging, but not toxic and competitive. Our Melbourne Social Netball club offers exactly that level of experience.

Netball is great for team building because the game rewards trust and cooperation, not sneaky tactics or underhanded techniques. It’s highly physical but not rough and aggressive such as basketball or soccer. Each game offers a great workout, so regular sessions can provide employees an opportunity to move and get fit. Organisations benefit from this focus on wellness, as studies have shown how active, healthy employees are often the most efficient and most productive.

To make the most of social netball for team building, business leaders are encouraged to take a proactive role during the game to plant or strengthen the foundation for the culture and values they want to establish for the team. Playing netball games are a great way for leaders to demonstrate the behaviours and attitudes they want the team to uphold, especially when it comes to setting and pursuing goals. The rules for netball are already written down for you to follow, but how you play it – how you treat players, how you behave when winning or losing, how you motivate people during the game and other unspoken rules – can have an impact on the winning culture that you want to see back in the office.  

Busy business owners and HR managers can rest assured that signing their employees up for netball activities in the club won’t interfere with their valuable time. You can arrange to play during the days that suit your most convenient schedule and choose from our five locations around Melbourne. Organising and managing competitions is our expertise – we’ve been doing it for close to two decades. So we already have the systems in place to make everything efficient, from registration to payment to setting up insurance to orientation and drills for new players, so your team can start playing without delay.