Why You Should Play Mixed Netball In Melbourne

Why You Should Play Mixed Netball In Melbourne

It has been tradition to separate the genders when it comes to playing sports, but more and more people are starting to realise that there are many benefits in mixing men and women in one team to play against other mixed teams. Netball just happens to be one sport that encourages this setup as evidenced by the many mixed teams that participate in Melbourne Social Netball games.


Why would you want to play mixed netball in Melbourne? To begin with, it’s only logical. Netball is so popular. Kids and adults of both sexes love playing the sport, so why not play together? They probably already do in casual settings, using makeshift netball courts on their driveways or backyards. Of course, this isn’t the 1980s and doing that could offend all sorts of people and homeowners’ associations. If you want to enjoy some mixed netball in Melbourne and play it on legitimate courts at the Riverside Golf and Tennis Centre, Flagstaff Gardens, Richmond Recreation Centre, Ryan’s Reserve, and Melbourne High School, sign up with Melbourne Social Netball.

Besides the more exciting and unpredictable dynamics that joining males and females together in a game brings, and the physical benefits male players get from playing what used to be regarded in the past as a women’s sport, there are many other more profound reasons to participate in mixed netball.

They become instrumental in smashing stereotypes – Child psychologists say that kids develop gender stereotype in the tween years. Involving them in co-ed sports is a great way to prevent those notions from taking root. These days, more and more physical education teachers and children’s league coaches prefer to form teams based on ability and cognitive development instead of gender. If you show the children in your life that you enjoy playing competitively in a mixed team, you can help prevent the development of this limiting and insulting stereotype.

They empower females and males – When people talk about empowering girls through sports, the assumption is that boys already have the power to wield and explore as they choose. This idea does both genders a disservice, implying unfair limitations and assumptions for both. The fact is that sports empower everyone. They help males and females with their body image, ward off their tendency toward depression, and equip them to perform better in school or work. By playing together, men and women enhance their view of themselves and become more resilient.

They forge more natural friendships – Often, people gravitate to others in the same gender when seeking friendship, but playing in the same team dispels the awkwardness and the intimidation that are usually present in the social interaction between men and women. This leads to better fun and more enjoyable camaraderie.

These reasons should convince anybody what a good idea playing mixed netball is.