Why You Should Try Mixed Netball — Melbourne

Why You Should Try Mixed Netball — Melbourne

Netball is one of the most popular sports in and around Melbourne. It is played by men and women, the young and the old, by professional athletes and by amateurs. What’s more, the games can be arranged indoors and outdoors. So it’s absolutely flexible, massively engaging, and quite challenging.


Another appealing factor to playing netball is that you get to do in it mixed teams. For many players as well as spectators, mixed netball offers one of the more dynamic and thrilling games in a season. And if you like a challenge, mixed netball (Melbourne players have discovered) is the perfect competition to join.


With men and women in one team, the plays can often be unpredictable and exciting to watch. This level of unpredictability and excitement further fuels the pace of each game. In turn, the players themselves step up their agility and speed in order to win a match. Because netball is not just a physical game but also a strategic one, you will also find yourself thinking on your feet (quite literally!) to out-manoeuvre the opposing team members.


Now as you play each game, you eventually develop your athletic skills. This is further enhanced by trainings with your teammates, and the independent workouts that you do, to get in shape for each match. Naturally, all of this will give you a fitter, healthier body.


A challenging sport. Athletic skill development. Being physically active and fit. What is not to love about mixed netball?


Beyond the physical and health benefits that the popular sport can deliver, mixed netball has also grown in demand because it serves as platform for socialisation. If you’ve just moved into a neighbourhood, joining a mixed netball team at Melbourne Social Netball would allow you to meet new people and, perhaps, forge lasting friendships. If you happen to meet your soul mate in the process, even better.


Mixed netball is also highly recommended for businesses and other organisations looking to provide a uniquely thrilling way to develop team bonding. Without restricting the teams to just men versus men, or women versus women, mixed netball can create the right environment and the perfect challenges to build team work for your business or your organisation.