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There is different pricing to suit whether you are bringing a team or if we are placing you in a team as an individual.

Costs are low – it’s only $12-$15 per game.

It may even be less for teams depending on the number of players you have.

Once you register and pay you will secure your spot in a competition.

Select the venue you wish to play at and see what nights and comps are available.

If you wish to join a season mid way through – hit the contact us button to talk through options for payment.

Note: We do not refund for Change of Mind, a credit for next season may be applicable.


Season payment = Registration $95 + (season length x $90) eg Season payment of $1535 = $95 + $1440 (16 rounds x 90) Note: $90 fee = $70 game fee + $20 umpire fee Note: Season Length (normally 12 or 16) can be found on each venue page.


see venue pages for season lengths 12 round season = $180: includes (min of 10) game fees, registration and umpire fees. 16 round season = $220: includes (min of 14) game fees, registration and umpire fees. Note: finals game fees are not included.


We know getting a full season payment whilst be easier to manage can be challenging sometimes so we have a 2 or 3 payment option available. Email to see how it works.

Captains will receive a welcome email (containing all the season details) the Friday before the season starts once the fixture has been drawn and is available for viewing via the MSN app.

Late applications: up until Round 3 you can register and pay otherwise to be considered please email for more information.