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Players choose their own uniforms. They must follow the criteria below;

All clothing must be sporting attire. They can be a combination of the following:

Tops: T-shirts/long sleeve shirts/windcheaters/singlets (not loose singlets)

Note: Attire must cover torsos for health and safety

Bottoms: Shorts/track pants/skirts/leggings

Netball Bibs: 7 in one set – We need you to have your own set. We sell for $45.

Shoes must be an athletic sporting shoe

Choose any colours like;

Tops: must be the one colour (variation in shade is fine)

Note: try different colours (black is popular and easy to clash).

Bottoms: can be any colour (don’t need to match).

Penalty: 1 point for each different coloured top awarded to the other team.

Tip: buy a T-shirt from Kmart/Target etc to keep with your bibs in case you have a fill in.

Ball: We can supply but you can bring your own

Netball gloves: You can wear these (good options to cover nails)

Netball material tape: We sell $7 per roll

Glasses: prescription and sunglasses allowed

Soft headbands allowed

Casual Shoes

Jewellery: unless taped over any external body piercing

Sticky/masking tape

Cargo pants/jeans/loose fitting and thin strapped singlets/crop tops

Sports band. eg fitbit, apple watch, garmin etc.

Hard headbands or clips, hat and beanies