Exercise whilst having fun with friends or whilst making new ones at Melbourne Netball on Monday (and, soon, Thursday) nights! Our social netball games are also great if you want to bring your colleagues for some bonding sessions to improve the productivity of your working relationships. Whether you or your team members are beginners or advanced, you’re welcome to get active and social with us at Melbourne Netball for the best social netball games in Richmond! To join in on the

Mixed netball is a high-intensity and dynamic game, guaranteed to spike your heart rate! The game is played with a mix of both genders - with a minimum of 2 but not more than 3 male players. If you are looking to play mixed social netball and would like to know Melbourne Netball’s schedule, you’ve come to the right place! In this article, we have compiled a list of all our venues around Melbourne, as well as the corresponding nights

If you are eager to join a social netball competition but struggling to find week-night competitions that suit your schedule, Melbourne Netball is for you! With 6 venues around Melbourne, operating on 4 week-nights, you are bound to find the right competition for you. In our Blog, we have collated a list of articles to help you find your ideal venue by night. The following information is regarding all our available Monday night netball competitions. This way, you can find

Forget tedious, repetitive gym exercises that leave you feeling unmotivated. Kickstart your New Years’ fitness resolutions by joining one of our weekly Mixed Netball Competitions, available all year round.   Melbourne Netball’s mixed netball competitions are the perfect way to get motivated to exercise in a fun and social environment, all whilst forming new friendships and learning new skills! The best part is that you don’t need any prior netball experience to join us.   General Information Around since the 1980s, mixed netball competitions are

Exercising can be a chore for some, but participating in social sports like Melbourne Social Netball can make getting fit and getting active a fun activity. Those in the Richmond area can enjoy the benefits of two Melbourne Social Netball venues, the Richmond Rec Centre and Ryan’s Reserve. Both are located in easily accessible areas for those in Richmond, and feature attractive facilities for our players. The Richmond Rec Centre offers two top-quality outdoor courts in addition to ample parking