Choosing Netball Clubs: Melbourne Venues That Provide Just The Sporting And Social Fix You Need

Choosing Netball Clubs: Melbourne Venues That Provide Just The Sporting And Social Fix You Need

You visit your dentist to have your teeth cleaned. You go to the salon to have your hair cut and styled. You step into the deli to stock up on your favourite meats and cheeses. You visit your bank to set money aside for investments and future rainy days.

There are specific places you head for to achieve specific results or to fulfil certain purposes, but the conventional choices don’t always have to be your sole choices. For instance, when you set a goal to have better health, an improved physique, or a larger circle of friends, the answer no longer has to be just the jogging track or the gym. If you’re determined to successfully attain those aforementioned goals (and more), an ideal solution would be to check out the different netball clubs Melbourne has to offer — in particular, Melbourne Social Netball.

With five current venues that you can choose from (Ascot Vale, Richmond x 2, CBD Flagstaff Gardens and South Yarra), Melbourne Social Netball is a facilitator of top-quality nightly social mixed and ladies’ netball competitions that can satisfy your desire for healthy physical activity as well as friendly and constructive social interactions. Here are a few reasons why you should choose this particular netball club for your next get-together with friends, family, co-workers, or even your next solo sporting destination.

1. Years of experience

Melbourne Social Netball was established in 1996, meaning the hearts and minds behind this operation have over a decade of experience in bringing individuals and groups together for fun and motivating games of netball. New and existing netball teams alike will be in good hands by signing up with a venue that boasts of a long history of successfully organising netball seasons in Australia.

2. Superbly trained umpires

The quality and success of a netball game rests largely on the skillful handling of a well-trained umpire, and Melbourne Social Netball is renowned for having some of the most professional umpires around. Player testimonials laud the club’s commitment to having only the best umpires (who are specially selected and trained in sports psychology) onboard to assess all players’ needs and provide unparalleled service.

3. Lowest accident rate

This social netball club holds the lowest accident rate among netball competitions in Victoria. Staff members have the players’ best interests in mind and take care to effectively prevent and address any incidences of injuries during the games.

4. Support from an online community

The club maintains a Facebook page and Twitter account to regularly provide its netball community with news, updates and helpful information regarding the sport. This communication strategy is an excellent way to cultivate the relationships created over netball and to help other people discover the many benefits of getting into the sport.

5. A genuine love for netball’s social power

Melbourne Social Netball promotes the social rewards of playing this popular sport. You can learn teamwork, mutual respect, cooperation and confidence from the dynamics of working with a team to achieve a sporting goal. Likewise, getting together with open, like-minded individuals a few nights a week leads you to strengthen newfound friendships and rediscover old ties. The club encourages people to discover the physical and social opportunities presented by netball — a fun, exciting and accommodating sport that all men and women over 18 years of age can try.