Enrich Your Life By Playing Social Netball: Melbourne Clubs Explain The Sport’s Benefits

Enrich Your Life By Playing Social Netball: Melbourne Clubs Explain The Sport’s Benefits

When a person’s life revolves primarily around the office and the home and not much else day in and day out, it can be difficult to discover new things, people, places and activities that can stimulate your perception or inspire you to become or achieve more than you currently are. When you stick to what’s familiar, you may indeed be staying within the limits of what’s comfortable for you, but the downside is that you may never discover new interests, any previously unknown skills that you have, or people who can help you find new experiences (or, conversely, people that you could inspire to take up new challenges, too).

It’s often been said that getting into sports is a wonderful way to add a new dimension to your life. If you’re currently living in Australia, why not consider playing an extremely popular ball sport called social netball? Melbourne is home to a number of excellent venues designed for social netball competitions where you can join teams as an individual or group, create and sign up a team, or even become an umpire. When you sign up to become part of a netball community, these are some of the benefits that you can expect to receive or experience.

You get physical.

Naturally, getting into sports means you will be leading your body through considerable physical activity, which is good for you on different levels. Because netball involves playing to score goals across a full rectangular court, you’ll be doing healthy amounts of running, footwork, passing, jumping, and other physical exertions, so your body will be getting a good workout. And because the team dynamic of the sport keeps you mentally and physically alert and constantly interacting with your teammates, you’ll be having a lot more fun without thinking too much that you’re actually working out — it’s exercise in disguise.

You create new relationships.

Social netball brings both men and women together to play the sport. It’s a great way of cultivating interactions among people in a more beneficial way — compared to, for instance, getting together after work for a round of drinks at a local bar. While catching up over food and drinks is a popular way to bond, there’s no question that playing netball is an excellent way to liven up the social experience. You can join teams made up of an entirely new group of people that you would like to meet, or you can bring family, friends or co-workers for a different weekend or weekday activity where you can get to know each other more.

You can discover newfound fulfilment.

Typical goals you set for yourself would be getting promoted at work, having a fatter bank account, and other milestones that would involve acquiring more money to buy or do new things. Try steering yourself in another direction — aim for a healthier, more active life with newfound friends and more meaningful relationships with like-minded people. You can come across these when you become part of a social netball community where the people are welcoming, inspiring, and open to new experiences.