How Melbourne Social Netball Has Changed the Face of Netball

How Melbourne Social Netball Has Changed the Face of Netball

Netball is not only a popular sport because it’s fun; many get into it because it’s a great workout and opportunity for social interaction. Also, with the rise of mixed netball in Melbourne, the sport’s dynamics have made the sport more enjoyable to participate in and to watch.

Melbourne Social Netball is instrumental to the growth of mixed netball because it constantly promotes the sport. Likewise, it has created a friendly atmosphere for mixed netball and continues to display a strong commitment to upholding high ethics and standards for the game.

With 21 years of experience, Melbourne Social Netball has managed to effectively cater to the changes in the sport, as well as provide services to make competitions thoroughly organised affairs. As taken from testimonials from mixed netball teams, players have gained unique and positive experiences since they registered. Melbourne Social Netball makes sure that its umpires truly protect the integrity of the game. There is always a strict implementation of the rules, and yet despite that, the umpires are consistently helpful to the teams – providing instructions, answering queries, and addressing the many concerns that arise during the game.

The umpires at Melbourne Social Netball undergo excellent training and education. The organisation provides a training program for all who aspire to be a netball umpire. Therefore, every game is facilitated properly to ensure its smooth flow, as well as everybody’s enjoyment.

Another provision introduced by Melbourne Social Netball that has increased convenience for netball enthusiasts is the convenient system for signing up. With a high performing website, signing up as a team or as a single player looking for a team to play for is a breeze. The same goes for making payments and other transactions necessary to get started with the sport.

Of course, Melbourne Social Netball’s venues also earn compliments. All the venues across Melbourne that the organisation uses — the Riverside Golf and Tennis Centre in Ascot Vale, Melbourne High School in South Yarra, Richmond Recreation Centre, Flagstaff Gardens, and Ryan’s Reserve — are properly maintained, designed for safety, and have courts for both mixed and ladies’ teams.

Lastly, Melbourne Social Netball scores high points for making competition events as friendly as possible. As competitive as the games get, when everything’s over, everybody’s friends again with everyone else. It also surely helps that many of the venues are situated near the town where there are plenty of popular dining destinations; after games, teams and fans can troop to these establishments for more socialisation, creating a fun and strong netball circle.