Rule Amendments Impact Netball Umpiring

Rule Amendments Impact Netball Umpiring

Netball is one of the most popular sports in Australia and the new season is here. If you’re interested in becoming a part of this exciting sport, now is the perfect time to join a team or register your team.

Being a player is not the only way to become part of the game, though, you can apply as an umpire. Your participation will be required for games, which happen multiple nights (the April schedule is already filled) at different venues.

Application can be accomplished online for Melbourne Social Netball, and the main requirement In order to complete the application process is for you to already have experience umpiring. If you’re a complete newbie, however, you should train first at your local netball club.

But even if you have prior experience in umpiring, it may actually help to take a refresher course since numerous changes have been implemented for netball umpiring the previous year. Due to the changes in game dynamics, the responsibilities and rules netball umpires need to uphold have morphed a great deal as well.

Section 7 of the new netball rules round up changes in “umpiring” terminologies. For example, the term “penalties” is no longer to be used because it has been replaced with “sanctions.” Likewise, during the match, the umpire may penalise an infringement by awarding a free pass or a penalty pass. The free pass is for minor infringements, while a penalty pass is for major infringements such as contact and obstruction.

Another change included in the section is how throw-ins and toss-ups are now considered actions taken by the umpire instead of sanctions awarded. Plus, any player who gets a penalty pass in the goal circle has the option to shoot for goal or pass the ball to another player. There are other new conditions for the penalty pass and umpires need to know them to maintain proper order and flow for the game.

Sanctions aren’t the only aspects of netball dynamics that umpires need to stay on top of especially with the roles the revamped “netball” has added. There are new procedures too for stoppages since the game now has a faster pace, as well as, modifications with the requirements for taking a shot.

Therefore, if you’re not yet too familiar with these amendments and you want to be properly trained for umpiring duties this season, learn them all before the commencement of the season.

Visit any of the Melbourne Social Netball venues (Riverside Golf and Tennis Centre, Melbourne High School, Richmond Recreation Centre, Flagstaff Gardens, and Ryan’s Reserve) – and get your hand on the latest edition of the rulebook. Melbourne Social Netball is not only a great place to refresh your umpiring knowledge; it’s also the most well-known place for treating umpires the best. They have a wonderful supportive structure that creates the most pleasant umpire experience during games.