Getting Healthy and Fit By Joining Local Netball Clubs — Melbourne

Getting Healthy and Fit By Joining Local Netball Clubs — Melbourne

Are you looking to improve your health and get fitter? Why not join one of the local netball clubs Melbourne has to offer? As you know, netball is one of the most popular participation sports in the entire country, particularly in the Melbourne area. Beyond the thrill of the game, it’s also a wonderful way to build up your health and fitness levels.

Netball is an intense and fast-paced game. Its players can’t help but build their upper body strength, develop their leg muscles, and boost their cardiovascular system. What are the other key physical benefits of playing netball?

  • You get to burn more calories and lower body fat if you play regularly.
  • You improve hand-eye coordination so that you can pass and shoot with more precision, bringing your game to a much higher level.
  • You get a regular cardio workout, strengthening the heart and lungs so they deliver more oxygen to fuel the muscles.
  • You increase your body’s flexibility and agility. You become more nimble on your feet as you get used to the quick shifting of direction and speed.

These are some of the health benefits provided by frequently playing netball. The physical difference is also one that is not only felt, but is also evident to the naked eye. If you are interested in slimming down and contouring your body but you get bored from the usual diet and exercise programs, playing netball makes a more engaging alternative solution.

How can playing netball improve your body?

  • You get to work out key upper body muscles. This doesn’t only address your upper body strength, but also sees to toning your arms. Pretty soon, you can bid those unsightly bingo wings goodbye.
  • You not only get to build up leg muscle strength and stamina, thanks to the combination of short bursts of sprints, longer jogging, abrupt stops, twists, and turns; the end result is netball legs – your shapely limbs in full sculpted glory.
  • The same set of exercises will also address your glutes, firming them up so they’re a nicely toned shape.

Ultimately, all that sweating should effectively reduce your weight, lose you inches in key areas, and define your muscles.

Of course, for you to get healthier and fitter from netball, you have to play regularly. The best way for people to ensure this is to join local netball clubs. Melbourne teams and clubs usually participate in tournaments run by Melbourne Social Netball with matches held on the netball courts of Riverside Golf & Tennis Centre.